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Care staff growth: emphasis on the interests and expertise of the staff, good working conditions, improve staff training programs, career path designed to promote career development of individual employees; attention to corporate culture management, simple health relationships, serious and lively working atmospherecarefree and transparent communication promote the continuous improvement of employee satisfaction, keep employees happy with the company to grow; stimulate potential employees, and the pursuit of personal and company growth. As individuals have to pay first awareness, wisdom and hard work, be willing to team dedication and achievements of outstanding individuals, outstanding team.

Strengthen the implementation capacity: even the best goal planning, there is no good execution will become empty words. Strengthen the implementation of one of the core principles of the company in the management; good execution, we must rely on the best mechanism, a standardized system, sincere cooperation, an effective incentive, a touching example, but most important, you want to rely on each the love of the employees of the company and responsible spirit; counsel and then move to effective implementation, to be skilled in the summary execution to constantly improve.

Pursuit of harmonious and efficient: the gradual expansion of the size of the company, must form a standardized and efficient management mechanism to maintain the high efficiency of our system works; dynamic optimization of enterprise management, according to the company's stage of development and business changes, the formation of a harmonious and orderly internal environment; efficient and harmonious environment, adhere to the principles of results-oriented management, effectively support business goals.

The equilibrium incentive and restraint: According to contribute to the work and achievements of value, a differentiated incentives to effectively stimulate the initiative and creativity of employees; promote employees understand the system and understand and agree on the basis of strengthening the effective implementation of the system to form an invisible but effective internal mechanism; emphasis on incentives and constraints combine to maintain a balance to provide a strong guarantee for the realization of the internal management.

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